Dad slammed after spending daughter’s college fund on ‘terrible’ business idea: ‘Stealing from your own child’

A father was called out for damaging his child’s future on Reddit

The 55-year-old man sought out advice from Reddit’s Am I The A****** forum. He wanted to know if he was wrong for taking money from his daughter’s college fund to support his wife’s new business.

He explained that his 31-year-old wife of two years is unhappy because she is bored. 

“She did not finish college and feels too old to do so, so jobs are also out of the question,” the man said.  

“It is no wonder that when her sister said she wanted to start her own boutique and take my wife on as a business partner that my wife’s moods started drastically shifting upwards,” he explained.

His wife’s business struggled to get an investor in the oversaturated market, so he wanted to help out. Now here’s the kicker. 

“I’m not terribly liquid right now, but it will be another 4 years before my daughter goes to college. So I ended up investing $30,000 from the fund that her late mother and I put together,” he said.

Did you catch that last bit? He invested $30,000 from the money he saved up with his daughter’s late mother

“I told her and she was furious with me and kept trashing my wife’s business idea saying it was dumb and she was dumb,” the man wrote

Welp, the commentariat did not disagree with his daughter. 

“YTA (you’re the a******) and what a piece of work you are. Stealing from your own child. Are you dressing her in rags and calling her Cinderella, too?” one user wrote

“That money is for your daughter’s future, something that your late wife invested in. Your wife is only 31. That’s not too old to finish college or to do literally anything else that doesn’t require you attempting to drain your daughter’s fund,” another said

“You ruined your daughter’s future for someone you’ve only been with for 2 years,” someone commented

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