Dad slams daughter’s elementary school over ‘ridiculous’ lunchtime rules: ‘I don’t care’

A father told his daughter’s teacher off after the educator made a comment about her school lunch. 

The dad went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if he overreacted. The teacher didn’t like that his wife packed his daughter “fun lunches” because it upset the other children

“My kid is 8. Long story short my wife tries to make really fun lunches for my daughter,” the user explained. “She follows a couple of those school lunches pages on Instagram for inspiration or whatever. It’s important to us that our child likes her lunches and that she’s happy. Well, my daughter’s teacher called and left a message asking us that we simplify her lunches and do the typical sandwich thing because other kids, ‘Don’t have as elaborate as lunches and it might make them feel bad.’ I, annoyed, wrote an email because saying, ‘No we won’t and that I really don’t care and that if other kids get upset then maybe it would be a good teaching moment for her.'”

Reddit users thought the teacher’s request was absurd.

“Seems ridiculous and your child shouldn’t have to let go of a special thing between her and her mom,” one user wrote

“It is none of the teacher’s business what your child eats,” another wrote.

“The teacher shouldn’t have asked you to change the lunches,” someone said.  

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