Dad slams other parents for shaming his daughters’ homecoming dresses

After his daughters received rude comments about their homecoming outfits, this dad is sticking up for them and young girls everywhere. 

Father and Florida news anchor @flnewsman posted photos of his two daughters in their homecoming dresses on Facebook. He couldn’t believe some of the nasty comments — some from other women — that called the outfits provocative and inappropriate. So he sent the haters a message via TikTok


A dad responds to Karens taking aim at teen daughters’ Homecoming dresses. #fashiontiktok #parentsoftiktok#fypシ #hoco

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“Let’s get something crystal clear now,” he said. “It’s not my daughter’s job to make sure your son is focused in school. Also not her job to dress hideous enough to where your son doesn’t assault her. It’s your job to not raise a pervert with no self-control.” 

The father admitted if it were up to him, his daughters would only leave the house wearing Snuggies. But he knows trying to control them is just diminishing returns. 

They’ll start to resent him, may start lying to him or “even worse” believe it’s OK for a man to tell a woman what she ought to wear. Most of all, he didn’t want to raise the kind of woman who would demean a photo of a teenage girl on her father’s Facebook page

The video racked up 4.9 million views and 1 million likes on TikTok

“This! I wish everyone could have this mindset,” a user wrote

“You are an amazing dad raising amazing strong girls,” another said

“YES! I raised three daughters and feel exactly the same. They are NOT responsible for a man’s thoughts,” a person commented

“Boy mom here, it’s my job to teach my son that he needs to respect women,” a TikToker replied. 

“You are raising QUEENS to have self-worth and body autonomy. Keep up the good work,” someone added.

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