Dad finds sneaky way to secretly eat Blizzard in front of his toddler: ‘This is genius’

This TikTok parent shared a hilarious video of her husband trying to sneakily eat ice cream without his toddler daughter noticing!

Daryl and Olivia (@thedeboerfamily) are TikTokers and the parents of two adorable daughters named Hazel and Harper. In a recent video, the couple revealed the great lengths they have to go to in order to eat a snack without sharing it with their children.

The hilarious video shows Daryl attempting to secretly eat a cup of soft serve ice cream without attracting the attention of his ice-cream loving daughter, Harper. 

The video begins with Daryl and Harper sitting on the couch together watching TV. Olivia films the dad and daughter as they relax together. Harper snacks on a bag of crackers, while Daryl kicks his legs up onto a cushion and grins at the camera. Then, the sneaky dad begins to angle his body away from his daughter, and slowly reaches into his jacket pocket. 

The camera pans back to Harper, who pays no attention to her dad, and is entranced by the TV. Daryl, meanwhile, has revealed that there is a paper cup with a plastic lid sitting in the inner pocket of his jacket. Awkwardly, the dad uses one hand to lift the cap off of the cup, trying to move as little as possible to avoid attention. 

After struggling for a few seconds, Daryl manages to open the cup, revealing that it is full of soft serve ice cream. As he slowly takes a bite, Olivia begins to laugh in the background. Harper, meanwhile, continues to watch TV oblivious to the sweet treat she is missing out on. 

As Olivia continues to laugh, Daryl carefully turns his head to look at Harper. Satisfied that the toddler is distracted, he slowly takes one more bite of ice cream. 

Viewers found Daryl’s hilarious video extremely relatable. 

“I wait until they’re asleep and then binge eat junk food,” one parent shared. 

“I feel this deep in my soul. Mine will be 2 next month and I’m constantly hiding my food and snacks… even when she has her own too!” commented another parent.

“My kids are so nosy, they would have been trying to see why my arm kept moving,” shared another parent. 

Being a parent can be an amazingly rewarding experience, but it certainly makes snack time more complicated! 

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