Dad and son weep uncontrollably when ‘miracle’ baby is placed in their arms: ‘The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen’

A father and son’s emotional reaction to meeting their ‘miracle’ newborn daughter/sister is going viral and bringing millions to tears.

Posted to the Instagram account @baby__adorable but originally filmed and uploaded by dad @joaoprudencioneto, the touching footage quickly amassed millions of views and thousands of comments.

Now, just like the teenage brothers who collapsed into tears the moment they met their newborn sibling, the emotionally vulnerable video is pulling heartstrings around the world.

According to João’s video, his newborn daughter Giovanna was a “miracle” that the family had vehemently prayed for.

His Instagram caption for the video reads (translated from Portuguese): “After having our first child David, I became infertile. It was impossible to be a father again with zero sperm production. My wife @karolinneprudencio was healthy and also dreamed of having another child. Until the Lord Jesus healed me, giving me life so I could generate another.

“Giovanna’s birth is not only a blessing for our family but also for all those who dream of one day living the miracle that only Jesus can do. We prayed every day for a miracle. I was a father again without any artificial procedures. Glory to God! All this emotion is for the miracle performed; my wife is very well and happy!”

Now, little David, baby Giovanna and their dad João are warming hearts everywhere with their touching story and emotional video.

This made my heart overflow…’

Thousands of Instagram users shared their feelings in the comments of the sweet video.

“I feel like my daughter is going to react like this as well, and it warms my heart so much. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” one user wrote.

“He’s gonna be the best big brother ever!!!” one user wrote about David.

“I love that he’s allowing himself to be vulnerable in front of his son,” another user wrote about João.

“This is so beautiful and so wholesome!” one user observed.

“This made my heart overflow,” another user shared.

While the world might sometimes seem like a sad and scary place, it’s videos like this that remind us of the everyday miracles that surround us.

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