Dad sparks family drama with ‘childish’ punishment for 10-year-old daughter: ‘You get what you give’

McDonald’s is driving a wedge between one family. 

A father took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if he was wrong for withholding Mickey D’s from his daughter. The scenario is like one out of a ’90s sitcom. The dad asked his 10-year-old to complete her chores but when she didn’t, he disciplined her. 

“I had an argument with my 10-year-old daughter over distribution of chores, which I told her mopping the hallway was included in her part every Saturday but she insisted limiting to her room only. Anyway, she was quite angry at me before I left for work,” he wrote

Then on his way home from work, the dad wanted to pick up his daughter’s favorite fast food

“On my way home after work I wanted to buy some McDonald’s since it was Friday,” the man wrote. “So I called my wife first asking if she wanted any, she said that she was going to make some chicken salad instead. I then called my daughter who answered quite loudly and rude. So I asked if she was still angry with our earlier argument and she hung up on me. I called again, declined. I could have sent her a message instead but with that attitude, I figured she didn’t need any McDonald’s and so only bought myself a set.” 

The 10-year-old ate the chicken salad with her mother while glaring at her father. 

“I would have shared with her if she asked nicely, but she said nothing so I finished them all,” he said. “After dinner, my wife told me that I was being childish to not buy for my daughter as we both know that she loves McDonald’s.” 

He did however take his daughter to McDonald’s the next day after she completed her chores. In the end, Reddit users did not approve of the 10-year-old’s behavior. 

“If she’s going to act like that, she doesn’t deserve a treat like McDonald’s. Simple as that. You get what you give,” one user said

“This isn’t even a punishment, this was a natural consequence of your daughter’s actions,” another wrote.

“Bad behavior doesn’t get rewarded with your favorite meal,” someone added

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