Dad steals fresh cookie from baking sheet, replaces it with hilarious decoy: ‘I caught him in the act’

This TikToker’s father took “dad jokes” to a whole new level with his cookie heist. 

Jaden captured the moment she spotted her father sneaking a cookie from a batch she had just made. But the dad had a clever plan to prevent her from noticing the missing treat. Too bad he was foiled. 

“My dad didn’t want me to notice he took a cookie. So he ‘replaced’ it,” Jaden said in the caption. “I caught him in the act.” 

Jaden made several batches of homemade chocolate chip cookies. While they were resting on the counter, her father came up with a little scheme. He snuck a single cookie and replaced it with an imposter so she would be none the wiser. 

Unfortunately, the imposter was not so convincing. It was a paper cutout of a hand-drawn cookie. Basically, it was a white circle with a few scribbled black dots. Jaden couldn’t stop laughing from behind the camera as she caught her dad red-handed with the stolen contraband. 

“Why?!” she laughed hysterically. 

Her father didn’t respond. He had already gotten what he wanted. And the hilarious video received 3.7 million views on TikTok

“He’s so happy he’s getting so many views. Thank you, guys!” Jaden added in the comment section. 

“What missing cookie? I don’t see the difference,” a user joked

“Can’t even see which one he took,” someone said with a winking emoji. 

“This is adorable, he’s hilarious,” another commented

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