Funny dad ‘stiff-arms’ daughter so baby sister can achieve her first steps

A dad “stiff-armed” his daughter so her little sister could achieve an important milestone in this hilarious video. 

The only ones who are more excited for a baby’s first steps than the parents are the babies themselves. Moms and dads can always see the frustrated look on their infants’ faces when they desperately try to walk but can’t. 

When Redditor @the_honor_roll thought his baby girl was about to complete her first steps, he knew he had to make the moment happen. No matter what. He posted what happened on Reddit’s “Daddit” forum. 

“Love is stiff-arming your firstborn so her little sister can get her first steps,” the father wrote in the caption. 

In the clip, his baby girl was really going for it. The little one had her arms reaching out for dad who was squatting to her level on the ground. The baby girl took each shaky step forward as her dad cheered her on. Her big toddler sister was there too and eager to get in on the fun. 

Each time the toddler tried to cut between her dad and sister, the father gently pushed the toddler away. He wanted to be sure these precious first steps weren’t interrupted. Luckily, the giggling big sis didn’t seem to mind as she was laughing hysterically the whole time. 

“Moral of the story here: The dad reflex isn’t just about doing good, but doing what’s necessary,” the father said

“I think she was just as excited and wasn’t interfering in her mind but enjoying the moment as well. But of course too young to understand the consequences,” a user said

“I love how big sister wasn’t even mad getting the stiff arm, she was just happy to share the joy,” another wrote

“Our 3-year-old kept wanting to ‘help’ our 13-month-old walk. So she’d barrel in and try to pick him up. I love her, but I had to keep pushing her to the side to let him try walking on his own,” a person commented

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