Dad records surprise message on Ring doorbell every morning for his wife: ‘Romance isn’t dead’

This husband leaves a surprise message for his wife on their Ring camera every morning and it’s so sweet!

Dayle Hoffman Kerns (@daylehoffmankerns) is a TikToker, fitness influencer, and mom-to-be who loves sharing sweet videos of her husband, Kadin, on TikTok. In one recent video, Dayle shared how Kadin leaves a message for her on their Ring camera each morning, and it’s absolutely heartwarming!

The video begins with Kadin standing outside the house early in the morning. It’s still dark out and he looks tired as he locks the front door. Before he leaves, he looks into the Ring camera mounted on the door, waves, and sleepily whispers, “Love you.” Then, he turns and walks towards his car

In the next shot, Kadin is once again outside the house, locking the front door behind him before he leaves. This morning, however, he seems to have a bit more energy. Once the door is locked, he snaps his head forward to face the camera, makes a goofy face, and dramatically whispers, “I love you.”

The next day, Kadin is at it again. This time, he whispers, “I love you,” in a different silly voice, then pretends to trip when he heads to his car. 

Dayle shares several more videos of her husband telling her he loves her in the morning, each one slightly different from the last. In one, Kadin pretends to forget, then turns back dramatically to tell her he loves her. In another, he yawns as he leaves his morning message. 

But while the delivery is different each time, the message is always the same. Day after day, Kadin whispers, “I love you” to his wife before leaving for work. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Kadin’s sweet messages!

“Bless him, he looks so tired but never forgets to say, ‘I love you,’” observed one viewer. 

“I think he might love you, but I’m not quite sure,” joked another viewer. 

“If my man doesn’t bring this funny love to the table, I don’t want him,” wrote another TikToker. 

Leaving a message each morning might seem like a small gesture, but sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most!

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