Dad surprises son’s kindergarten class in homemade ‘Transformers’ costume

This Shanghai dad found a very creative way to bring his son’s kindergarten class some joy.

The father, Zhang, dressed up like the character Bumblebee from “Transformers” in a self-made costume. The dad clearly put the effort in to make the character’s yellow, robotic suit look hyperrealistic. Much like the real Bumblebee, the costume towers over humans at 2-meters. However, Zhang said he opted for soft materials so that it was safe for children.

Footage shows the father wearing the outfit to surprise his son at school. First, the dad packs the massive costume into his car then drives to the location. He hides behind a statue to put it on and its huge boots serve as platforms to make him taller. The ensemble is modular and Zhang must put it on limb-by-limb. 

The father waddles toward the school, his real identity completely concealed as Bumblebee. Small children and onlookers stare at the unexpected visitor. By the time he makes his way to his son’s class, he’s surrounded by excited kids. Zhang then reveals himself and kisses his son on the cheek. 

In 2014, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” became the highest-grossing film in China when it earned $222.74 million in less than two weeks. Although it has since been dethroned numerous times over, with “Wolf Warrior 2” currently holding the top spot. 

Still, needless to say, there were probably a lot of Bumblebee fans who got a kick out of Zhang’s surprise that day!

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