Dad sweeps little girl off her feet for their first daddy-daughter dance: ‘One of the proudest days of my life’

A proud dad is going viral for giving his little girl the full princess treatment, and TikTok is having trouble holding back the tears.

TikTok dad, Jason (@dadlifejason), who refers to himself as “the wholesome dad with the diverse family,” garnered over 6 million views when he uploaded this touching video.


This was my first proud moment as a father going on my first daddy daughter dance! #dadsoftiktok #datenight #favoritememory @sislifeharper

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In the video, we see his little girl, Harper, wearing a lovely green gown, crowned with a delicate tiara and bedazzled by sparkling jewelry.

The doorbell rings – and Harper opens it to find her dad, Jason, holding a bouquet of rainbow roses, smiling proudly at his little date. She accepts the bouquet with delight and smiles up at her dressed-up dad.

The two walk out to the car, and Jason opens the door for Harper. Before they leave, Mom says from behind the camera, “Bye baby, have fun!” — to which Dad replies, “I will. I’m gonna go treat my little princess.”

In the comments, Jason writes that this was “one of my proudest days” of his life. “The entire night I was close to tears.”

‘It makes my heart happy seeing fathers treat their children right.’

Emotional comments poured in from TikTokers around the world.

“Aw, she looks like Princess Tiana! So beautiful,” one user wrote.

“This is so sweet…what an amazing dad,” another user commented.

“I got immediate tears…It makes my heart happy seeing fathers treat their children right,” wrote another user.

“Not me cryin cause I wish I had a dad like this,” commented another user.

“You’re an amazing father, you king,” wrote another user.

“My heart! Omg stop it, this is too precious,” another user commented.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry…I cried,” wrote another user.

“This made me tear up, so precious and adorable; I hope y’all had so much fun,” said another user.

This was clearly one special evening that Jason and his little girl will treasure for the rest of their lives — but it seems like it’s also made an indelible impact on people around the world.

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