Dad switches toddler’s dinner in hilarious prank: ‘Best part of being a parent is messing with your kids’

This dad pulled the perfect prank on his toddler daughter while she was eating. 

There’s no better distraction than the classic “look over there” strategy. It’s exactly the shenanigans that Charlie Bea Geter’s dad pulled on her during dinnertime. The family TikTok account shared the hilarious moment, which quickly went viral

While Charlie was eating a bowl of pasta (with a giant spoon) in her high chair, dad created a diversion. 

“Is that a kitty cat out there? I’m pretty sure I see a kitty cat,” he told her.

Charlie turned her head to look outside the window. She didn’t notice any cats, but as she searched, it was the perfect time for dad to switch her pasta with a plate of veggies. 

“There’s a dog out there. There’s a dog,” Charlie told him. 

“That must have been what I saw,” the father replied

The toddler continued to note all of the family animals in the house, like their dog and cat. She finally turned her head to look down at the plate. 

“What is this?” Charlie said with utter disappointment. 

The hilarious video racked up 18.7 million views and 3.3 million likes on TikTok

“Nobody tells you that one of the best parts of being a parent is messing with your kids!” a user said

“Oh God, her face said emotional damage lol,” another wrote

“She looks so confused at you guys laughing,” a person commented

“Her speech and receptive language are AMAZING,” a TikToker replied

“Aaaaaaand this is the second she learns her parents’ sense of humor. Freaking adorable!” someone added

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