Dad taken aback by wife’s ‘selfish’ parenting decision: ‘You two need therapy’

A man is frustrated because his wife won’t pay for their daughter’s preschool tuition. 

He shared his situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The Reddit poster’s wife earns more money than him but pays for fewer of the family’s expenses. Thus, the man expected his wife to cover the cost of their daughter’s preschool but instead, she insisted it was his responsibility. 

“I found out we could potentially have her in kindergarten this fall if she goes to pre-k for two months or becomes 5 during the school year,” the man wrote. “She hasn’t had many social interactions when it comes to other kids her age besides her aunt who is about two years older than her. We don’t qualify for state-sponsored pre-k because we make too much. I’ve found a private school that is good and not terribly expensive. My wife doesn’t want to pay for it even though her car just got paid off this month. In her own words, ‘you can pay for it if you want.'” 

The man also shared some info about their finances.

“Our finances are separate even though we have a joint account (she hasn’t put money in it since we opened it). She doesn’t pay the mortgage, home/auto insurance or phone bill. She covers utilities and everything else she throws her money at. She makes more than me if i don’t work overtime,” he explained.

Reddit users thought the man was making a fair request of his wife. 

“Sounds like your wife is pretty selfish when it comes to finances,” one user commented

“You two need therapy. This is so much deeper,” another said

“It sounds like things are currently horribly lopsided,” someone noted

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