Dad takes over TikTok with his incredible martial arts skills

TikToker Zara Liang has amassed 1.3 million followers on TikTok after she shared videos featuring her dad’s serious martial arts skills. 

Changxing Liang is Zara’s Kung Fu-fighting dad. However, Changxing keeps most of his fighting in the backyard of his home in Melbourne. 

Like in one video where Changxing uses a sword to slice a lemon to spritz into his water. In another skit, entitled “Dad vs. Dad,” Changxing literally fights himself. 

But one of Zara and Changxing’s most popular TikToks, dubbed “Human Sprinkler,” shows off the dad’s flare for the dramatic. 

Changxing did several martial arts movements and stances as he flung a hose around the way you might with a set of nunchucks. Water flew everywhere and somehow it appeared as though Changxing didn’t get wet.

“I would have dislocated myself,” one person commented.

“Smooth. He’s a legend,” someone said

“I can’t even touch my toes,” another joked

The father is quite an experienced martial artist, Changxing was the National Wushu Champion from 1979 to 1986 and the former captain of the Beijing Wushu Team from 1979 to 1986. He earned the title of “master” after studying wushu, which translates to martial arts in Mandarin, at the Chinese Institute of Sport for years. 

“People think of wushu and think of something rough and full of fighting,” Changxing told the Herald Sun in a 1990 article he shared on Instagram. “But for wushu you must understand philosophy and medicine. It has three functions: one it is good for health, number two, it can be used in self-defense and the third is it is a demonstration of art.” 

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