Ring camera captures Dad’s hilariously panicked reaction to loud thunderclap: ‘Man down! Man down!’

A dad’s panicked response to the sound of thunder has TikTok in stitches. 

Thunder is loud and can be downright terrifying. But by the time most of us are adults, we know it’s nothing to really fear and can let the noise fade into the background.

However, one family was caught totally off guard by a thunderclap and their reaction said it all. 

TikTok dad Brandon Floyd posted some hilarious footage his friends shared with him. 


Some friends sent me this video of them playing in their driveway….⚡️⛈⚡️🌩#foryou #thunder #funny #kids #fyp

♬ original sound – Brandon Floyd

“Some friends sent me this video of them playing in their driveway,” Floyd explained. “I really don’t know what they thought was happening.” 

The scene was almost idyllic at first. A little boy was playing basketball, mom was riding a scooter and dad was hanging out with them both. The weather didn’t appear foreboding in any way and the family was surrounded by vibrant green trees and grass. 

Then, all of a sudden, they were interrupted by the ear-splitting sound of thunder. The mother and son shrieked in fear, threw their stuff on the ground and made a run for it back inside. Dad ran after them, tripped and fell onto the scooter and squirmed away. 

“What was that?! What was that?!” the mom yelled. 

“I don’t know!” the father replied. 

The family’s over-the-top reaction to some natural thunder racked up 17.3 million views. 

“Dad acted like a fainting goat,” one person joked

“This is the daddest dad that ever dadded,” another said

“Man down! Man down! Save the scooter!” a user wrote

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