Dad-to-be wears postpartum diaper when wife reveals she’s feeling insecure: ‘He’s a keeper’

A husband made a hilarious video of himself wearing a postpartum diaper to help his wife feel more comfortable about wearing them. 

The video, which was posted by TikTok user Patrick Chase Champi (@thechampions2020), has almost 4 million views and over 900,000 likes. 

Patrick’s wife was still pregnant with the couple’s daughter when the viral TikTok was made. But after hearing that she would need postpartum diapers after giving birth, she started to feel insecure. 

So Patrick decided to make her feel better by wearing one and doing the #bustitchallenge around the house. From dancing on the couch, pouring himself a drink, and preparing some oatmeal, Patrick really brought out the moves for this one. 

Many women choose to wear postpartum diapers for a few days after giving birth, to help control postpartum bleeding. They tend to offer more protection than postpartum pads, and some moms find them less irritating on their skin. 

But wearing diapers can make new moms feel uncomfortable. Which is why Patrick’s lighthearted diaper dance of solidarity was just what the doctor ordered to help his wife feel more confident. Patrick may have made the video to cheer up his wife, but he ended up gaining millions of fans with his creative support methods. 

“If my husband doesn’t act like this I’m getting a new one,” said one user. 

“You are lucky to have such a supportive husband!!!” said another. 

“He’s a keeper,” another user wrote.

“Protect this man at all costs!” said another viewer. You got that right! 

When it comes to giving birth, the real hero is the person pushing out the baby. But it’s moments like this that prove that there are worthy sidekicks out there. If showing support means dancing around your house in a diaper, then throw on that diaper, turn up the volume, and get your groove on. 

The bar has officially been set!

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