Dad films himself trashing ‘son’s first house’ in viral TikTok: ‘Payback is real’

A funny dad has gone viral for jokingly destroying his “son’s first house,” and TikTok is cracking up.

TikToker and dad of 6, Chris Cluff (@chris.cluff), garnered over 6M views when he uploaded his video to TikTok — and parents everywhere find it super relatable.

In the video, Chris kicks open the door of his “son’s first house” and proceeds to completely trash it — climbing on the dining room table, dumping toys chaotically on the floor, flushing toilet paper, slobbering all over the windows…

Of course, it’s clear that the house Chris is destroying in the video is his own home, as his son is still a little boy.

But the chaotic TikTok perfectly captures the grief and frustration many parents feel when their kids make a mess of their home — especially when you’re a family of 8, like the Cluffs.

‘I can’t wait to do this to my kids…’

Parents rushed to Chris’ comment section to applaud his hilarious video — and offer him some pointers.

“Open every soda and take 2 drinks. Leave the rest,” one parent wrote.

“You forgot to turn the heat or air all the way up,” another user commented.

“Sink wasn’t left running, and it looks like you got all the lights,” critiqued another user.

“You forgot to flop on the sofa,” another parent wrote.

“You forgot to scatter Legos in hazardous places,” commented another user.

“Don’t forget to put empty boxes back in the cabinet or empty milk jug back in the refrigerator,” wrote another user.

“Don’t forget to pile dishes in the sink without rinsing,” one parent wrote.

“Turn all the lights on in the house, leave cabinet doors open, leave the bread, peanut butter, and jelly on the counter,” another parent commented.

“That’s right, payback is real!” laughed another parent.

“I can’t wait to do this to my kid,” another parent joked.

If the old saying is true — “Excuse the mess, the kids are making memories!” — it’s clear that children everywhere are making happy memories in their well-worn homes!

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