Dad hilariously tries to fix bride’s fallen veil but only makes everything worse

A dad tried to rescue his daughter from a wardrobe malfunction at her wedding. But it was just one big epic fail.

Everybody wants their wedding ceremony to go off without a hitch. But when Jenisis Navarrete Campos stood at the altar for her big day, there was a small technical difficulty. While she and the groom were getting married, Navarette Campos’ veil fell off her head.

“I felt my veil fell off, but I was so nervous, and that’s why I couldn’t move to get it,” Navarrete Campos told Newsflare.

Luckily, the unforgettable moment was caught on camera. After the veil fell, her father hurried over to help her out. He picked the veil off the ground… then plopped it on Navarrete Campos’ head “like a tortilla” as she said.

The bride was a good sport and kept her composure during the moment despite her father’s blunder. Meanwhile, her bridesmaids were cracking up behind her.

Eventually, one of the bridesmaids mustered up the courage to readjust the veil by properly tucking its comb into the bump on her hair. Navarrete Campos’ dad saw the correction and looked a bit flush with embarrassment. Luckily, the bride had a sense of humor about it all.

“My bridesmaids wanted to help me out initially, but my dad got to me quicker,” Navarrete Campos told Newsflare. “However, he messed up a little while putting the veil back on, and one of the bridesmaids had to jump in to save the day!”

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