Dad helps kids create ‘home Olympics’ luge event on the stairs in adorable viral video

A dad in the U.K. brought the Winter Olympics to his children at home, and Twitter can’t get enough.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are currently taking place, and even kids are getting in on the fun!

Every four years, athletes from cities around the world compete in winter games like snowboarding, ice skating and luging.

A luge is a sled for one or two people on which lugers race supine (face up and feet first). 

When Tristan Brodie, a father of three from Birmingham, introduced his kids to luging via the Winter Olympics, they came up with a pretty cool idea. 

“Home Olympics, inspired by the luge,” Brodie wrote in the caption of a video he shared on Twitter

The children each took turns “luging” down the sheet-covered stairs. They wore headgear and snow goggles as they slid down. The siblings who weren’t competing waved the Union Flag in the spirit of the Olympics as they cheered each other on. 

“My children were excited watching the luge and wanted to try it at home. Not having access to a luge track, we resorted to using the stairs covered in bedsheets,” Brodie told Storyful. 

It may not have been exactly what real luging was like, but it was surely a great memory with dad. 

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