Dad’s heartwarming workout routine with baby girl has TikTok swooning: ‘Girl dads forever’

There’s something undeniably special about seeing a great dad in action — as this now-viral video can attest!

When mom and TikToker @babyznme filmed her husband’s workout routine with their baby daughter, she probably never expected it to gain over 6M views. But watching the sweet footage, it’s no surprise the video was such a hit!


By age 14 she’ll be the strongest little psycho you’ve ever met ##girldad ##dadsoftiktok ##daddydaughter ##momsoftiktok ##MyRoutine ##foryoupage ##workouts

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In the heartwarming video, Mom explains through on-screen text, “Before her dad started training her, she was a psycho at meal times.”

She continues, as we see Dad and baby gently lift weights and squat, “Would climb on chairs and tables and jump on beds. Would endlessly run in circles yelling at the top of her lungs.”

The text goes on to say, “But now… She still does all of that, but at least I get to swoon over their mini workouts together.”

‘I officially want a child.’

The comments, now numbering nearly 5K, are aflutter with TikTokers who can’t get enough of the daddy/daughter workout routine.

“Come on now. Girl dads forever,” wrote one proud papa.

“I officially want a child,” wrote another user, tagging her presumed-partner in the not-so-subtle hint.

“Talk about starting them young!” another user wrote.

“Aw she wants to be like Daddy, so sweet!” wrote another user.

And while the vast majority of viewers loved the wholesome dad video, some users had some safety concerns.

“Hey this is great, just remember that weight training damages the epiphyseal plate in children, so too much could stunt her growth,” wrote one user.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a child’s growth plate — or epiphyseal plate — can be damaged by particular kinds of trauma or overuse. But, judging by @babyznme’s footage, it seems clear the workout isn’t an actual fitness routine, but more of daddy/daughter bonding time.

While Dad’s workout routine might not have calmed this little wild child, according to Mom’s text, she’s certainly bound to benefit from the loving relationship she clearly has with her father!

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