Dad’s clever necklace allows him to watch baby and do yard work at the same time: ‘Dad level 1,000’

This dad created a hack for doing yard work while watching and feeding his baby at the same time! 

Darcey Bru ( is a TikToker, comedian and parent who regularly shares clever parenting tips and hacks with his 15.6k followers. One popular hack involves Bru using a baby carrier and a homemade cereal necklace to keep his baby occupied —and fed— while dad does work in the lawn. 

For parents of young kids, finding ample time to do chores around the house can feel like the hardest chore of all. But as Bru proves, being in charge of watching the baby doesn’t have to mean that you can’t get work done around the house. 

“If you have lots to do and you’re in charge of watching baby, you need two things:” said the TikToker. The first thing, according to Bru, is a baby carrier so that your baby can stay safe and comfortable, while still giving dad the ability to use both of his hands. 

Next, Bru shows viewers the homemade necklace around his neck, which is made from Cheerios that have been placed on a plastic string. As Bru rakes the leaves, we see the hungry baby biting off pieces of cereal from Bru’s makeshift jewelry. 

“Baby can have a snack while you do the yardwork,” says the clever father as he happily rakes the leaves, clearly pleased with the “win-win” situation he has created. 

Bru’s viewers were blown away by the parenting hack, and some even thought that a business idea could be born from the tip. 

“Market the Cheerio necklace before someone else does HURRY MAN,” wrote one viewer and possible first investor. 

“Dad level 1,000,” wrote another impressed TikToker. 

“Productive and creative. Dad wins!” wrote another user. 

Clearly, not all heroes wear capes. Some wear baby carriers and homemade Cheerio necklaces!

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