Dad adorably demonstrates the perfect way to swaddle babies so they don’t break free: ‘The cutest burrito!’

These TikTok parents made an adorable video showing how they safely swaddle their baby to make sure it won’t break free.

Maddie Castellano (@maddiecastellano) is a TikToker who lives in Hawaii with her husband and two young children. Maddie mostly publishes videos of her family goofing around and having fun, but occasionally shares a helpful parenting tip or hack.

In one such video, Maddie shared a parenting tip that could be extremely useful for new parents: How to swaddle your baby—which is when a baby is wrapped snugly in a blanket so that only its head is free. 

The video is as adorable as it is informative, and shows Maddie’s husband Cole swaddling their newborn son Enzo. Maddie narrates the video, explaining each step as her husband completes it. 

First, Cole places baby Enzo in the middle of the swaddle, which is a piece of long, soft cloth. Then, he pulls one end of the swaddle across Enzo’s chest, under his arm, and across his back. He repeats the action for the other arm, then tucks the cloth under his back. 

Next, Cole grabs the opposite end of the swaddle, pulls it across Enzo’s chest, and tucks the corner behind his back. 

Finally, he pulls the bottom of the swaddle up over Enzo and tucks it under him on both sides. 

The final result is a cozy, fully-swaddled baby, who cannot easily break out of his swaddling. 

‘Saving this video so I can come back to it in about 15 years’

Many viewers headed over to the comments section to share their appreciation for the tutorial.

“Well, I am very impressed! Four kids and I could never quite master the swaddle,” wrote one TikToker. 

“Saving this video so I can come back to it in about 15 years,” another TikTok user responded.

Other viewers were more focused on the adorable baby Enzo. 

“You literally have the cutest baby I’ve ever seen,” one TikToker responded. 

“The cutest burrito!!” another user wrote.

“I cannot get over how cute he is! Such a peanut,” wrote another. 

Swaddled babies aren’t just adorable, though. Swaddling can soothe newborn babies and help them sleep. Experts believe it does this by preventing babies from moving around, which dulls their startle reflex, and makes them less likely to overreact to loud noises or sudden movements. 

Swaddling is an extremely useful technique to learn, but it’s important to do it safely and properly. If you decide to swaddle your baby, Maddie’s video is a great starting point — but don’t forget to check with the experts and do your research!

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