Dad’s hack for getting sweatpants on baby girl is a ‘lifesaver’ for parents: ‘My life is now changed’

One dad’s hack for getting sweatpants on his baby girl is so simple – it’s genius

Kate Bast of the @TheBastFam on TikTok provides advice on raising “mini humans.” Bast and her husband are parents to one-year-old Lily. While Bast posts the bulk of the family’s tips and tricks on TikTok, her husband will chime in with a “dad hack” every now and again. 

In July 2020, when Lily was a bit smaller, the father shared his tip for putting pants on the little one. 

“Do you have trouble putting on mini human sweatpants?” he asked

Lily practically tried to crawl away as the dad struggled to get the tiny pants on her. Luckily, the clever parent already had a hack in mind.

“Turn sweatpants inside out with the tag on the bottom,” he advised. “Insert mini human feet and pull sweatpants up!”

He placed the feet of the inside-out sweatpants over Lilly’s ankles, then quickly rolled the pants up her legs until they were fully on. Fussy baby, no more!

Parents praised the clever sweatpants hack. 

“I started doing this a year ago. Such a lifesaver,” one person commented

“I do that with socks! Game changer,” another wrote

“OMG. My life is now changed. Thank you,” someone added

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