Dad’s hilarious impersonation of ‘diva’ 8-year-old daughter is too accurate: ‘I relate so much’

This dad recreated his daughter’s evening routine and lovingly roasted her in the process. 

Daniel and Whitney Lawson of the Awesome Lawson’s on TikTok are pretty much known for poking fun at their 8-year-old daughter Cadence.

The family has over half a million followers who tune it to see Daniel recreating Cadence’s funniest moments. There’s nothing wrong or bad about her behavior, she just acts like an ordinary kid — and that’s what’s honestly so funny. 

In the clip, Daniel rushed in from school and threw his backpack on the ground. When Whitney asked him how school was his response was oh so relatable. 

“I want a snack!” he said, running toward the question. 

During homework time, he was a bit preoccupied with making dance TikToks. After announcing he was full at dinnertime, he immediately asked for ice cream. When he was brushing his teeth he was dismayed by the “spicy toothpaste.” Like all youngins at some point, he tried to impress his mom by distorting his voice with a fan. These were only a few of the antics Daniel recreated in the video. 

“Our daughter constantly makes us laugh and is a little diva!” Whitney told POPSUGAR. “We knew it would be hilarious to imitate our daughter. When the roles are reversed, it’s comical!”

The video racked up over 21.9 million views on TikTok

“OMG. The accuracy of this whole entire thing,” one person said

“My daughter also doesn’t like spicy toothpaste,” another wrote

“I relate so much,” someone commented

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