Dads-to-be are lifting their partners’ giant baby bumps in adorable TikTok trend

Expecting moms around the world are breathing sighs of relief thanks to an adorable belly-lifting TikTok trend.

The trend, made famous by then-expecting TikToker @daddynewb, instructs people on how to “do a favor for that pregnant lady” in their lives by gently holding up their bumps.

In The Know spoke to Lora Shahine, M.D. — a reproductive endocrinologist and Forbes Health Advisory Board member — to see why this trend feels so good, and what else partners can do to bring some much-needed relief to expecting mamas out there.

Everyone knows that pregnancy is no walk in the park — but what exactly does a woman’s body go through when bringing life into the world?

“As the baby grows, the pregnant woman’s body adjusts and changes along with the baby,” Shahine told In The Know.

“The uterus enlarges. The abdominal muscles and skin relax to accommodate changes, and pregnancy hormones allow the ligaments and joints relax to accommodate all the changes.”

As the uterus enlarges, it rises up and out of the pelvic cavity. This displaces the stomach, intestines and other adjacent organs.

By the end of the second trimester, the abdomen will have expanded so much that the uterus will be near the mom’s rib cage.

To maintain balance in her ever-growing body, the mom’s spinal curvature will realign, producing a shift in her posture and contributing to her back pain and discomfort.

With all these extreme physical changes, it’s no wonder why this TikTok trend feels so good to expecting moms!

“As the baby grows, especially into the third trimester, weight increases and hormones cause ligaments to loosen,” Shahine explained.

“Gently lifting the pregnant belly up can relieve the downward strain of the weight on the lower back and pelvis.” 


📝all the tension built up in the lower back needs to be massaged out! #troopermom

♬ original sound – daddynewb

But this belly-lifting trend isn’t the only way moms-to-be can find relief.

“Practice good posture: Stand up straight but relaxed, shoulders back, knees unlocked, slightly wider stance with feet,” Shahine recommended.

Massages and stretches are another way to relieve their aches and pains.

“Gentle stretches and massage daily all over the body, but focused on lower back, legs and shoulders,” suggested Shahine.

Additionally, it might be good to seek some store-bought remedies.

“Some gear can be helpful: Comfortable, supportive shoes, pillows during sleep, or some maternity belts to lift pregnant belly may relieve some aches and pains,” said Shahine.

While TikTok trends may come and go, the expecting moms in our lives will always need and appreciate support — both physically and mentally!

So whether you’re lifting their bumps, their spirits, or some burdens from their plate, be sure to provide moms-to-be with some much-needed relief!

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