TikToker claims all dads watch movies the exact same way: ‘So we all have the same dad?’

TikToker proves that all dads watch movies the same way in a hilarious video!

Ryan (@rtcollyer) is a TikToker who loves sharing funny videos, including one recent video showing just how similar dads can be! In the video, which racked up 11.9 million views and counting, Ryan reveals the “stages” of dads watching movies on weeknights and claims that “all dads are the same.”

The video begins with a shot of Ryan smirking at the camera. He points up and a subtitle appears that reads, “The stages of a dad watching a movie on a weekday.”

Next, the video cuts to a shot of Ryan’s parents’ living room, where an action movie is playing on TV. The camera moves to reveal a couch, and then Ryan’s father appears, standing at the far end of the living room. According to Ryan, this is stage 1 of dads watching movies.

“Looking from afar,” a caption reads. “[He] is interested, but knows he’ll feel unproductive if he watches.” The camera zooms in, showing that Ryan’s dad is staring at the TV, arms at his sides.

Next, stage 2 begins. “Moving in for closer inspection,” a caption reads, as Ryan’s dad takes a few steps towards the TV. He is clearly interested, but still reluctant to sit down and watch the movie. 

Then, Ryan’s father moves into stage 3. He moves closer to the couch and places his hand on a cushion. “Hand on cushion, thinking about it… Debating…” a caption explains. 

Stage 4 begins when Ryan’s father finally sits down on the couch. But though he’s sitting, Ryan’s dad doesn’t lean back. He sits on the edge of the couch, as though ready to spring up at any moment. “Sitting, but not fully committed,” a caption explains. “Hand on knee for easy get-up ability.”

Finally, stage 5 begins. Ryan’s dad has committed to watching the movie, with a catch! He sits on the couch with a stack of papers on his lap so he can “work” while he watches. “[He] rummages through papers to feel productive,” a caption explains. 

Viewers loved Ryan’s hilarious video!

“Can’t forget the one where he goes to sleep but then wakes up saying he just closed his eyes,” one viewer joked. 

“Oh god… I think I might be a dad,” another viewer wrote. 

“I’m not a dad, but my husband and I do the same,” commented another TikToker. 

Of course, all dads aren’t really the same. But viewers could clearly relate to Ryan’s hilarious video!

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