Dads who cracked us up in 2022

Being a parent can be tough. That’s why having a great sense of humor is so important! Fortunately, there are plenty of hilarious dads on TikTok who have made it their mission to show the funny side of parenting. Whether they’re sharing ridiculous parenting hacks or hilarious pranks, TikTok dads truly know how to make us laugh. Here are 5 dads who cracked us up in 2022. 

1. Dad reveals wife’s “betrayal”

This dad decided to surprise his wife by coming home early from work one day, and was horrified by what he found! In a hilarious video, the dad talks about how betrayed he feels by his wife’s actions, and even manages to squeeze out a few real tears. Then, he reveals exactly what his wife’s betrayal was: She stole the last donut! The ridiculous twist is sure to be relatable to any parent whose partner has stolen their favorite snack before. 

2. Dad “steals” newborn baby from hospital bassinet

This dad is already a little bit overprotective of his newborn daughter! After his wife gave birth, the excited new dad “stole” her basket from the hospital crib and placed it next to him on a chair. Then, exhausted by the stress of being a new parent, the dad promptly fell asleep. While most medical experts probably wouldn’t recommend acting like this, the new dad’s heart was definitely in the right place.

3. Dad shares hack for getting toddlers to take their medicine


This is defintly dads idea 🤦🏼‍♀️😬 but it worked! Toddler medicine hack for the win 👌🏻 #dadhack #momhack #toddlerhack #medicinehack #shots #toddler #toddlersoftiktok #zarbees #sicktoddler #mom #momsoftiktok #momlife #dadlife #dadsoftiktok @Scott Ransons

♬ Tequila – The Hitters

A lot of toddlers dislike the taste of medicine. That’s why this dad came up with a hilarious hack to convince his toddler son to take his medicine. The dad and toddler do “shots” together, turning medicine-taking into a fun father-son boNding activity. The smart dad fills his shot glass with Gatorade, while his son’s are full of medicine. 

4. Dad pranks toddler by switching her dinner

This hilarious dad decided to play an innocent prank on his toddler daughter by switching her delicious pasta dinner with a plate of uncooked vegetables. The clever dad distracted his toddler by pointing outside and telling her he saw a kitty cat. Then, he quickly swapped her dinner with the veggies and filmed her hilariously disappointed reaction. 

5. Dad confesses which of his kids convinced him to stop having children

While raising kids can be difficult, sometimes it’s grown-ups who are the most challenging to be around! This hilarious dad shared that people often ask him which of his kids convinced him to stop having children. Then, he revealed the surprising answer to the question: His “mother-in-law’s kid,” aka his wife!

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