‘Daily dice roll walk’: The TikTok dance trend explained

There’s a new wholesome dance trend on TikTok called the “Daily Dice Roll Walk” and all the cool kids are doing it.

There are currently 324,000 “Dice Roll” videos uploaded to TikTok. Even celebrities like Victorious’ Avan Jogia and comedian Howie Mandel have participated in the trend.

To get your Daily Dice Roll Walk in, all you have to do is go for a stroll while gesturing as if you’re rolling dice with one hand. Be sure to really lean in to that dice-rolling hand though — really feel it. Most users also tend to edit various camera angles of themselves walking for a bit more flare or humor.

Where exactly did the Dice Roll Walk come from? The dance was created by TikTok user @toborowitz in response to a user inquiry.

In October, someone asked @toborowitz, “You’re actually glowing, like what’s your secret?” His response was, “It’s simple really, I just go for a daily dice roll walk.”

The video received over 8.1 million views in just a few weeks — and a trend was born.

Soon after, popular creators — like body-positive TikToker Sienna Mae Gomez — started uploading their own takes on the Daily Dice Roll Walk.


since i did this so horribly wrong last time

♬ original sound – tobias

Singer Madison Beer joined in on the fun. 


Post Thanksgiving fit @goat

♬ original sound – tobias

Chase Hudson enjoyed a post-Thanksgiving Dice Roll Walk of his own.


Family dice roll walk @itstaylerholder @miantwins

♬ original sound – tobias

Charly Jordan turned her Daily Dice Roll Walk into a group activity with Tayler Holder and the Mian twins.

This TikTok trend is surprisingly easy to do, so go ahead and give it a whirl!

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