Dairy Queen really just sent a ‘ranch care package’ to a random customer on TikTok

Now that’s customer service?

A 21-year-old is going viral after sharing the mysterious package she received from her favorite fast food chain.

The young woman, named Kris, professed her love for Dairy Queen (DQ) in an off-handed tweet, which she posted all the way back in April.

“DQ ranch is unbeatable,” she wrote.

Somehow, DQ’s social media team found that tweet in September, nearly six months later. They followed up with Kris, launching a saga that ultimately ended with her receiving a “ranch care package.”

The 21-year-old explained the strange saga on TikTok, in a video that now has more than 650,000 views. Essentially, the restaurant chain dug up her old tweet, messaged her and asked for her address, promising to send her gift.

“Not what I was expecting but fun,” she captioned the clip,


not what i was expecting but fun 😂 ##greenscreen ##dairyqueen ##ranch ##crafts ##puzzle ##embroidery ##paintbynumber

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It’s easy to see why Kris — and hundreds of thousands of TikTok users —were so confounded by the care package, which was seemingly not (??) part of some large-scale sweepstakes.

First of all, there’s Kris’ tweet, which was posted nearly six months ago to her 72 followers. The tweet hadn’t gone viral in the slightest either — it only had four likes when DQ responded.

It’s hard to say how DQ even found the tweet so many months later, especially considering Kris didn’t even use the restaurant’s full name.

Then there’s the package itself. Kris admitted in her video’s comments section that after DQ contacted her, she was expecting some … well, actual ranch?

“I was low-key disappointed it wasn’t [ranch],” the TikToker wrote.

Instead, she got an embroidery kit, a ranch-themed puzzle and a giant, paint-by-numbers poster. Kris laid out her care package in a follow-up video, showing that the items seem to coincide with a line of new, ranch-themed “swag” produced by DQ in partnership with Hidden Valley.


Reply to @xxdiamondsr4evaxx

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The entire saga seemed to take everyone by surprise, but, ultimately, Kris appeared excited about her ranch-themed knick-knacks. TikTok users, meanwhile, seemed to have a few more questions.

“I’m so confused by this,” one commenter wrote.

“Why was I expecting a bucket of ranch?” another asked.

“Not even a GIFT CARD? GIRL,” another joked.

“Something seems off,” another added.

It’s unclear how or why DQ chose Kris or if the chain is sending more packages in the future. At the very least, this story is an encouraging moment for those (not this writer, certainly not) who regularly get only four likes on their tweets.

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