D’Amelio family announces $300,000 giveaway after winning MrBeast’s Creator Games

The D’Amelios meant it when they said they would be giving away all the money they won during MrBeast’s second annual Creator Games.

Back in October, the family — made up of TikTok stars Charli and Dixie, plus their parents Heidi and Marc — beat 23 other influencers in multiple rounds of trivia and ultimately won $300,000 to give to their fans.

When MrBeast asked them how they planned on giving the money away, Dixie told the altruistic streamer that her family was “definitely going to do something on [the] family channel just to give back to the people who really need it.”

Well, it seems the time to give back has finally come. On Dec. 28, the family made a video announcing that they would be giving away $10,000 every single day to subscribers of their family channel, The D’Amelio Family.

“Every day of January, we are going to be giving away $10,000 to a subscriber of the D’Amelio Family official YouTube channel,” Charli explained in the video announcement.

Though the famous family — who recently scored a reality series on Hulu — is objectively doing something good for its fans, many people still criticized the gesture as “insincere.”

“Whoever does their PR clearly gets a win for this announcement because that’s going to buy them a solid month of good graces from the public,” one person said.

“Let’s not forget that they continuously keep breaking social distancing guidelines to make tik toks [sic] and using ‘we’re getting tested regularly’ as an excuse when these tests should be used for essential workers and people who actually need them,” another added.

“Awesome tax write off,” a third noted.

“So a tax write off and trying to bribe the public,” a fourth said. “Got it.”

Though Charli and Dixie used to be TikTok’s sweethearts, the teenagers came under fire recently after they appeared in a controversial video criticizing their chef and complaining about not having enough followers. (Charli D’Amelio is currently the most-followed person on TikTok with more than 104 million followers, and the only person on TikTok with more than 100 million followers.)

The family was also met with controversy back in October when they won the Creator Games. Commenters accused Charli and Dixie of cheating since their parents helped them during the trivia challenge, even though they weren’t part of the official lineup. The girls also seemingly used their phones to answer trivia questions.

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