Couple struggles to conceive for 2 years, then wife whips out a positive pregnancy test on the dance floor

A woman left her husband stunned when she made a pregnancy announcement on the dance floor. 

Danielle and her husband are dance teachers who specialize in country swing and line dancing. The couple gives free lessons on their TikTok account @bootsfortwo. Danielle revealed that she and her husband had been struggling with fertility issues. It’s why she decided to make her pregnancy announcement all the more special. 

“He doesn’t know, but I’m about to tell him I’m pregnant,” Danielle explained. “We’ve been trying for two years. There is nothing we want more than starting a family. We’ve been seeing a fertility doctor. Our plan was to try IVF in November. Seeing a negative pregnancy test month after month has been very difficult. I wanted to show him something different.” 

The couple dominated the dance floor doing dips, spins and footwork. But when her husband lowered her for one final dip, Danielle whipped out a positive pregnancy test. 

“What is that?” her husband asked before gasping. 

“Surprise! I’m pregnant! Te amo,” a sign read

The husband teared up and dropped to his knees to embrace his pregnant wife during the happy moment. 

“Our hearts go to the countless people who struggle like we did,” she wrote in the caption. 

The pregnancy surprise received over 7.4 million views on TikTok

“I started bawling as soon as he dropped to his knees,” a user wrote

“What movie is this? Because this can’t be real life,” another said

“The best way to surprise your hubby,” someone commented

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