‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ meme shows what baggage TikTokers have to deal with: ‘My head almost got split open from the caffeine withdrawal’

A scene from the 2010 movie Four Lions is going around on TikTok as users are showing the baggage they are carrying. 

In the scene, three of the four men on screen are singing “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toploader. The driver, the fourth man, is clearly annoyed with the other three in the vehicle with him. TikTokers have taken the scene and applied it to all sections of their lives. 

The original video with this template showed a person entering 2023 with anxiety, depression and no boyfriend. All three of those things were the singing characters to the non-singing driver, who represented the poster. 

Currently, the CapCut template has over 61,000 uses. With thousands of people using the meme, there are several ways the template has been portrayed. 


Still consider myself a happy mom, just going through it a little, some days😂 #fourlions #dancinginthemoonlight #comedy #viral #fyp #foryou #momsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Molly Morgan

“Me trying to be a fun and happy go lucky mom,” wrote @molly.morgan_.

Other communities have also found a use for the meme, joking about the struggle of making it through fasting for Ramadan, which is currently taking place.

“Me pushing through 13 hours of fasting this Ramadan,” wrote @theanisatropicdoc. In the car with her were dehydration, caffeine withdrawal and hypoglycemia.

Her video had over 869,000 views and several people in the comments fully understood the problems she was going through. 

“My head almost got split open from the caffeine withdrawal,” said @fatimafafififao.

“First Ramadan for me, gonna be a challenge,” replied @joshblong

This meme has also been perfect for football fans to comment on their favorite divisions, as each one has four teams in it. 

“The AFC North,” wrote @allsportshighlights3 in their post. “Browns on bottom.”

With so many ways to co-opt this meme, TikTokers are easily able to make jokes about the things that are bothering them. 

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