Who is D’Angelo Wallace? Meet YouTube’s 22-year-old drama expert

D’Angelo Wallace is a YouTuber famous for creating content about pop culture, influencers and other polarizing topics.

Known for his commentary, Wallace has called out numerous celebrities and internet personalities like Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star

Here’s everything you need to know about D’Angelo Wallace, one of the leading voices in Gen Z culture.

How old is D’Angelo Wallace?

Wallace is 22 years old and was born on Aug. 29, 1998. 

How did D’Angelo Wallace get famous? 

Wallace first earned a following through a YouTube channel where he shared his art in 2018. 

However, in July 2020, his second content channel blew up when he created the video, “The exact moment Shane Dawson’s career ended.” 

In the video, Wallace outlined Dawson’s role in ongoing drama in the influencer community with gurus like James Charles, Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook. It also showed clips of Dawson discussing inappropriate sex acts, using racial slurs and making offensive jokes. 

The video currently has over 17.4 milion views. That July, his subscribers went from 500,000 to 1 million.

Wallace currently has 1.93 million YouTube subscribers on his commentary channel. 

He’s become a “trusted arbiter of YouTube personalities.”

Wallace is considered a trustworthy voice on YouTube, where chaos, conspiracies and rumor can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Study Breaks said Wallace “employs some excellent detective skills to dissect some of the more harmful behavior from his fellow content creators.” 

“I really try to explain things with clarity so that people understand it’s just my opinion, I’m not presenting anything criminal or anything like that,” Wallace told Insider

To make his videos, he uses the same structure he did when writing his college papers. 

“What I really loved about writing papers was you could introduce a topic, back it up, and then still have a point,” Wallace told Insider. “A lot of my video ideas I structure the same way I would write a paper about it.”

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