TikTok users are sharing the dangerous things they did as children while unsupervised

Back in October, TikTok user @mountaindewbarrymore posed a question that inspired an entire TikTok trend. That question was: “What was your unsupervised childhood activity that definitely should’ve killed you?”

To kick things off, @mountaindewbarrymore shared her own harrowing tale of childhood trauma. Apparently, she used to run baths and then would “try to breathe underwater” by putting a washcloth on the surface of the bathwater, thinking it would trap air.

“The washcloth would just get wet and waterboard me,” @mountaindewbarrymore explained, exasperated.

A distressing number of other users had their own dangerous childhood activities to share.

In her own video, user @vududoll999 shared that as children, her and her siblings would put their brother in the dryer and start it.

“My youngest brother on my mom’s side is the youngest and we all hate him with a passion,” she explained. “He is the f****** favorite. So we used to put his a** in the dryer and press start and let it spin probably for a good 15 seconds. And we just listened to his cries and terror.”

This one in particular had people slightly more concerned, with many noting that it was “genuinely so sad” and “not funny.” However, in another video, her brother willingly gets in the dryer for old time’s sake, so it seems like there’s no bad blood.

Another TikTok user named Emily Marie shared that as a kid, she would “take [different] things like forks, butter knives, etc. and … stick them in [outlets]” to shock herself. “Explains everything,” she joked.

Someone else — user @n0tmarissa — revealed that she used to eat foam packing peanuts.

Yet another daredevil admitted in the comments of @mountaindewbarrymore’s original video that they used to eat peanuts as a kid, even though they are deathly allergic.

Kids do the darnedest things!

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