Woman’s disturbing confrontation with stranger sheds light on the dangers of ‘toxic masculinity’

A TikTok user filmed a man’s reaction after she rejected him, shedding light on an all-too-common and potentially dangerous interaction.

The woman, who goes by @badgirlavi or Avianna on TikTok, showed footage of herself turning down a man who jumped a fence and approached her.


Kidnapping is REAL. Sex trafficking is REAL. Toxic Masculinity and Rape Culture is REAL. #fyp #forthepeople

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“I’m not interested. Don’t talk to me,” Avianna says to the man, who apparently drove up to her.

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“OK. Be a b****. It’s OK,” the man said.

In response, she told the man she is a minor and called him a “weird-a** creep.” She clarified in the text on the video that she is not a minor, but is “definitely too young and gay for him.”

As she showed the man getting back into his truck, she told him to “f*** off.” She flips her off, and she said she’s going to get his license plate number. He waited and revved his engine.

“Toxic masculinity at its finest,” Avianna wrote in the video. “Girls should be able to wait for the bus without being honked at and harassed.” 

In a follow-up post, she said the stranger tried to “snatch [her] and put [her] in his car” when she moved toward the bus stop to call 911. She said she screamed, which made him get back in the vehicle.

Perhaps the scariest detail of all is that the 911 operator allegedly said they couldn’t help her without knowing his license plate number or current location even though she had footage of him.

Avianna told the Daily Dot that she faced backlash for being “rude” and overly sensitive toward the man.

“I didn’t have any kind weapons on me, so the first and only thing I could do was assert myself through my mouth. And I don’t think that was wrong,” she told the publication.

“When it comes down to situations like this, I really assert myself now, because that’s all I can do,” she continued. “I’ve learned that the tougher you carry yourself, the less likely they’re going to really do something.” 

Negative comments on her video have been drowned out by messages of support in the comments of the video.

“The way you didn’t even show that you were scared omg that is POWER,” one user wrote.

“That’s so terrifying and awful. You handled yourself well,” another said.

“You have to be mean to them because if you’re nice they’ll take that as an invitation to keep talking to you or even touch you when really we want them to go away,” a third said.

In The Know has reached out to Avianna for comment.

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