Who is Daniel Mac? The TikToker asks high-end car drivers about their professions

This TikToker is famous for asking drivers what they do for a living based on their cars.

Asking someone about their profession may not always yield the most interesting conversation. Daniel Mac has turned it into an art form by popping the big question to drivers of some of the most high-priced vehicles in the world. 

Who is Daniel Mac on TikTok? 

Mac is famous for asking drivers of high-end cars what they do for a living. He has 13.2 million followers on TikTok

Mac has even interviewed noted car collector Jay Leno from his 1962 Maserati, rapper and entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa from his Rolls-Royce and President Joe Biden from his Cadillac. 

While many of his videos focus on famous folks, Mac mostly asks regular people driving luxury vehicles what their professions are. It’s a way of providing insight into some of the higher-paying jobs out there — and also the generational wealth. 

What does Daniel Mac ask people?

For example, he once spotted a “touch therapist” or “professional cuddler” filling up the tank of her $300,00 Ferrari 488. 


Sorry For Ruining Your Pizza Review 😂 @stoolpresidente #fyp #barstool #cars

♬ original sound – DANIEL MAC

Meanwhile, a bodybuilder (who turned out to be Mac’s fan) was able to lift his way into a $280,000 Ferrari 488. 


Ayo But Can I Get Some Chocolate 👉🏻👈🏻

♬ original sound – DANIEL MAC

When he noticed a college student driving a $320,000 McLaren 620R, it turned out she was the heir to the Ghirardelli chocolate empire.


Man Has The Infinite Money Glitch 💰#porsche550spyder

♬ original sound – DANIEL MAC

Another man driving around in a $5-to-$6-million Porsche 550 Spyder (only one of 90 left for sale in the world) said he did “nothing” for a living. He elaborated that he bought rusty “metal things” and then sold them at a higher price. 

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