Controversial influencer joins TikTok and gets roasted for ‘tone deaf’ videos

WeWoreWhat founder and fashion designer Danielle Bernstein has joined TikTok — but suffice it to say that she didn’t receive the warm welcome she was anticipating.

On Feb. 24, the influencer uploaded her first video. In it, she introduced herself and detailed how she grew her brand from a street style photography blog in college to an empire with “multiple businesses” and a New York Times bestseller.

On the surface, Bernstein’s accomplishments are impressive. However, as many people were quick to point out, she achieved her success with an asterisk, since numerous small business owners and content creators have come forward and accused her of stealing their designers and ideas.

Bernstein and her team quickly turned off the comment feature on the @WeWoreWhat TikTok when they realized how much hate they were receiving, but not before several users were able to capture screenshots of the brutal remarks.

“Nobody takes [you] seriously bb,” one person said.

“Why is this on my FYP?” another asked. “I don’t appreciate stolen work and dishonesty TikTok please do better.”

“Since we’re all here comment small brands she stole from so I can support them instead,” a third added. “Hope she doesn’t delete this one!”

Bernstein has a history of either denying the accusations made against her or ignoring them altogether. In the case of The Great Eros, a Brooklyn-based lingerie company that accused the designer of stealing its signature silhouette design, Bernstein actually filed a lawsuit asking the court to declare that her design was “inspired by the generally ubiquitous concept of silhouette drawings and work by the artist Henri Matisse” and therefore was not stolen. (The lawsuit is still ongoing.)

On TikTok, Bernstein decided to take a decidedly snarky approach to the hateful comments by lip-synching to an audio of Cardi B as she thanks her haters for inadvertently helping her career.

“They be downloading my stuff so they can hear it and talk crap about it, but it benefits me,” Cardi says in the audio clip. Bernstein’s caption for the video was simply a yawning emoji, which seems to indicate that she doesn’t care about the valid criticism people have for her.

Though the clap-back clip has since been deleted, @weoverwhat, an Instagram account dedicated to keeping Bernstein accountable, captured the video in full — and people had a lot to say about it.

“I’m so embarrassed for her,” one user said.

“What’s sad is that the original audio comes from a woman [Cardi B] who WORKS and creates original content,” another added. “DB couldn’t even get on TikTok without having someone ELSE do the work for her.”

Over on Instagram, meanwhile, Bernstein called all of the accusations made against her “baseless,” and painted herself as a victim with a message about “online bullying.”

“Hiii Tiktok, I’ve spent the past 10 years building my career from the ground up and growing up in front of millions of people,” she said in the now-deleted post, according to The Daily Beast. “If you’re coming to this page because you’re waiting for me to talk about some baseless accusations created for 15 mins of fame, you’re in the wrong place.”

“Blowing out someone’s candle will not make yours shine any brighter! I’ve learned to laugh at the irrelevant BS,” she added. “To anyone experiencing online bullying, I’m here for you and taking care of your mental health is priority.”

This isn’t the first time Bernstein has tried to depict herself as the victim. In response to accusations that she stole her jewelry designs from high-end designers like Tiffany & Co., she broke down in tears on Instagram and claimed that the designs were inspired by her late grandpa. According to The Daily Beast, she also uploaded a tearful video to Instagram after people pointed out the similarities between her masks and those of Latina designer Karen Perez.

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