Daredevil freefalls on an inflatable pool toy for 13,500 feet: ‘I … yelled the whole way down’

An emergency room physician moonlights as a thrill-seeking skydiver. 

Robin Moore filmed footage of her 13,500-foot plummet on an inflatable rubber ring. She and a few friends did the free fall in Florida while attending The Skydiving Cowboys Rodeo Boogie 2020, a massive gathering of skydivers.

To go along with the event name, Moore’s group-jump had a rodeo-theme with some riding blow-up horses and others on rubber cows. Moore also sported shorts and cowboy boots to set the vibe. 

“This was a thrilling jump, as I chose to do it ‘cowgirl style.’ A fun rodeo ride,” she told Daily Mail. “Floating on air and clouds thousands of feet in the sky, wind in my hair — I giggled and yelled the whole way down!”

The clip showed Moore and company leap out of an airplane. Moore sat comfortably at the center of her donut ring while two friends held onto either side. The surreal scene was accentuated by Moore’s calm expression as she fell through the blue sky and clouds. 

“I have jumped out of planes on inflatables before and I find it an extra skydiving challenge to not only balance your body but to manage the balance of a fun prop as well,” Moore told Daily Mail

The video was shot by fellow skydiver Jimmy Huftles who sounded satisfied with the experience. 

“I heard of other skydivers doing raft jumps before,” Huftles told Daily Mail. “We had a raft, we had an airplane, therefore we had a good time! Every second I spend in free fall is pure bliss and gets better and better each jump! 800 and counting!”

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