‘Dramatic’ TikTok makeup trend leaves users divided

What if I told you that the dark, sunken circles you sometimes get around your eyes are actually cool now?

Twitter user @_dusty_bawls_ shared a screenshot of a TikTok in which @sarathefreeelf accentuates her dark circles with a contouring pen, and it quickly went viral with more than 20,000 retweets.

“No way ppl are putting fake dark circles under their eyes,” they wrote in the tweet.

Some Twitter users defended the trend.

“So you’d rather still be insecure about them than people starting to accept and like it,” one user said.

“This is boosting my self esteem,” another wrote.

Comments were pretty harsh on the original TikTok.

“Ur telling me I’ve been trying to get rid of my dark circles for ages for it to become a trend,” one user wrote.

“You can have my dark circles if you want,” another said.

“My insecurity is a trend now got it,” a third remarked.

Others took the opportunity to point out what a Gen Z-specific trend this is.

“This is the most dramatic generation ever,” one commented.

“Y’all are bitter AF and it shows. Let people feel pretty however that looks,” another said.

Though the above TikTok is the one that blew up, @tringsby also demonstrated that accentuating your dark circles is an effective way of looking more androgynous, or “feminine the way boys do.”

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