Dating app employees share alleged secrets they learned on the job

Like it or not, dating apps are now a staple in modern relationships.

The employees behind some of the biggest apps on the market took to a Reddit thread to share some of the alleged secrets they learned on the job.

User @ChickumNWaffles claimed that lying is rampant among users on one dating app.

“Women frequently lie about their age and weight, and men lie about their height and salary,” they wrote. “Also, it’s a big problem that women are inundated with DMs while most men get none.”

User @throwaway492130921 claimed that the algorithms that select potential matches for the sites are “less sophisticated than you think.”

“The main goal of the algorithm is always to get you to pay, never to actually ensure you meet somebody in real life, as much as we tried to lie to ourselves that it was,” they wrote.

The pervasiveness of fake accounts was a massive trend among commenters.

User @yetorico introduced the concept of “ghost profiles,” which use photos of real women but are operated by men “living in France, Serbia, Ukraine and Russia.”

“Female dating app users tend to sign off for the day several hours earlier than male users, which results in men who log in after about 10 p.m. generally not encountering many logged-in female users,” they wrote. “In order to keep these men feeling like there is genuine female activity on the site (and thus continuing to pay for memberships), dating apps can pay for entire armies of ‘ghosts.'”

User @SupermanistheDR also claimed their coworkers would create fake accounts to chat with users.

“It was everything from someone having a premium account that wasn’t getting responses, to bored employees,” they said.

Perhaps worst of all were the alleged stories of scamming that employees couldn’t stop.

“One of our members got scammed out of six figures, and there was nothing we could do about it,” @throwaway492130921 wrote. “If you let them, people will find any way to scam and abuse those who are lonely.”

User @Throwitawaydate3109 shared a similar sentiment.

“People get scammed often. Lonely people are vulnerable and get scammed out of money and gifts,” they wrote.

Stay vigilant out there, hopeful daters.

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