Ring camera footage captures dating ‘red flag’

A woman is claiming on TikTok that her date exhibited a rarely discussed dating “red flag,” and she caught footage of the behavior on her Ring doorbell camera. TikTok, however, isn’t quite sure if the accusation is accurate.

TikTok viewers always seem to have something to say about dating and relationships — especially when it pertains to whether one of the people involved is “high maintenance.” One influencer sparked outrage on the app just by saying she refused to go on coffee dates.

In this case, user @jadealyzaee, who goes by Jade on the platform, was also called “high maintenance” for what she deemed a dating red flag. She uploaded footage from her doorbell camera to TikTok with the caption, “When ur date doesn’t wait for u to get in ur house b4 driving away” [sic].

As Jade walks up to the door, viewers noticed a car’s headlights moving away, which was allegedly the guy who had dropped her off. Jade looks back at the driveway and says, “And he didn’t wait ’til I got in the house. Red flag number two, I am ghosting [him].”

Jade clarified in the comments that the first red flag was “not opening any doors” for her.

“He did pay, though, so props for that,” she also said.

Overall, commenters seemed split as to whether Jade was high maintenance or whether her date failed to follow unspoken courtesy rules. The video has since accumulated over 8 million views.

“It’s just human decency to wait for anyone to get in their house,” someone wrote.

“Even my Uber waits for me to go inside,” another added.

“He didn’t wait because he didn’t like you…” a viewer argued.

“I ALWAYS wait, regardless of who I’m dropping off,” a commenter explained. “[What] if they lost their keys and can’t get in, or something happens?”

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