Mom leaves house for 2 hours, returns to find daughter’s ‘propaganda campaign’ for a hamster: ‘I am no match for this kid’

A mom is going viral for documenting her daughter’s hilariously thorough hamster campaign, and TikTokers are cracking up.

Laura Carns (@lauratoddcarns) likely never expected to gain nearly three million views when she uploaded footage of her daughter Susie’s pleas for a pet hamster.

But it seems Susie’s campaign was a very successful one, as millions of strangers around the world urged Laura to give in and watched with bated breath to see if the family would ever grow by one hamster.


Oh crap I raised a kid who knows how to run a propaganda campaign help #kids #pets #hamsters #fyp #foryou #momsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Laura Todd Carns

However, after uploading the now-viral video, Laura discovered that Susie’s campaign was more thorough than she originally thought, as she continued to find posters and messages hidden around their home.

And, as Susie left no stone unturned, there was even a PowerPoint presentation on why she deserved a new pet.

So, what became of the #SusieHamster2020 campaign? Was Susie successful? Would there soon be a tiny furry friend joining the family?

Laura posted the “thrilling conclusion” to the hamster saga in a third TikTok


The campaign of a lifetime: #susiehamster2020 THE THRILLING CONCLUSION #hamster #intro #foryou #fyp

♬ Coming of Age – Blondes

TikTokers were elated. Little Snow had joined the family, proving Susie to be a propaganda mastermind.

‘You raised this kid right…’

Laura’s videos were overwhelmed by thousands of comments, all lauding her daughter’s clever campaign.

“SUSIE-HAMSTER 2020! Finally a campaign I can get behind!” one user wrote.

“You raised this kid right, hahaha, I love it,” another commented.

And when Laura finally posted the update introducing little Snow to the world, even more comments came pouring in.

“FINALLY,” one user cried.

“The conclusion we all wanted,” another user wrote.

But the masses couldn’t be satisfied. Some users demanded more.

“Omg cage tour?” one user begged.

Perhaps Snow will be the great unifier of our time, bringing people together from around the globe, helping humanity reach across the aisle and celebrate our common ground — which is the shared love of a tiny hamster and the girl who harassed her mom into buying him.

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