Mom has priceless reaction to daughter’s portrait of her: ‘I’ve never looked better’

This mom on TikTok had a priceless reaction to the portrait her daughter drew of her, and viewers are losing it over the clip’s relatability. 

TikToker Sonia Tiebi (@soniatiebi) is a busy parent and comedian who posts funny skits and fun family moments featuring her husband and daughters. In one of Tiebi’s videos, her daughter, Sierra, reveals a portrait she drew of her mom, and Tiebi’s reaction has viewers rolling on the floor laughing. 

The clip begins with a shot of Sierra clutching her sketch pad and looking bashful. “I sat here and posed for like 10 minutes. Let me see the product,” Tiebi tells her daughter, who reluctantly shows her mom the portrait

“Is that me?!” Tiebi asks, referring to her portrait, which features a profile of a Picasso-like face with a dramatic ponytail hanging down the back. 

A deflated Sierra then takes her sketchbook, places it down to cover up the portrait, and proceeds to get up from the couch. 

“No! No, it’s nice! It’s so nice,” Tiebi declares while simultaneously trying to suppress her laughter and comfort her daughter.

Sierra looks unconvinced as the camera pans to show her father with his head in his hands, convulsing with laughter

“I’ve never looked better,” Tiebi affirms while her daughter looks on, unamused. “Oh, where were you when it was time for senior photos?” Tiebi rhetorically asks, looking at her portrait

“Mommy, I don’t think it looks good,” Sierra says, sounding defeated, to which her mother vehemently replies, “It is FANTASTIC!” 

“Oh my god, what’s that? Is that hyperpigmentation?” Tiebi asks, pointing to the contouring on the portrait. 

Her daughter, still not having it, frustratedly grabs the sketch pad from her mother. “You know what? I’ve never seen nothing like this before. I just want you to keep it up,” Tiebi comforts Sierra, rubbing her shoulders. 

“Then why was daddy laughing?” Sierra asks before her mother quickly interjects, “Daddy don’t know what he’s doing anyway!”

“That’s how you say ‘That’s a great drawing,’ in French,” Tiebi says at the end of the video before the camera pans to show her husband, on all fours, laughing uncontrollably.  

Tiebi’s video had viewers in hysterics, and many also praised her for her supportive words.

“You’re such a great mom. I love the positivity. But I am dying,” said one user with a string of laughing emojis.

“This video lives [rent-free] in my head,” shared one TikToker. 

“I really like the drawing! I think it has great shape language. It’s like a cute Modigliani painting,” one supportive viewer observed. 

While Sierra’s drawing may have been a little more abstract than realistic, her artistic potential is limitless if she keeps at it, as her mom said. 

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