Daughters surprise dad at the hospital on his last day as a doctor: ‘We are so proud of you’

These daughters decided to surprise their dad at work on his last day as a doctor and it was so emotional! 

Caitlin Crome (@caitlincrome) is a 19-year-old TikToker whose dad has worked for 20 years as a doctor. Caitlin and her sisters wanted to make their dad’s last day as a doctor memorable, so they decided to be his last patients! Caitlin shared the emotional video of her family’s surprise visit on TikTok where it racked up 13.6 million views and counting. 

The video begins with a shot of Caitlin staring into the camera. A caption reads, “Today was my dad’s last day of being a doctor. 20 years and over 3,000 patients.” As music softly plays over the video, Caitlin begins sharing shots of her and her sisters waiting to surprise their dad.

In one shot, one of Caitlin’s sisters sits in the hospital waiting room, scrolling through her phone. Then, in the next shot, another sister waits patiently in a doctor’s office, her arms crossed over her chest, with an expectant smile on her face.

After a moment, the doctor’s office door opens, and Caitlin’s dad walks in. He has a stethoscope around his neck, and is clearly surprised to see his family waiting for him. After looking momentarily shocked, he opens his arms to give his family a hug

Another caption appears, which reads, “So my family wanted to be his last patients. We love you dad and we are so proud of you.”

As Caitlin’s dad hugs his daughters, he begins to cry. The video ends as the overwhelmed dad wipes tears from his eyes, and jokingly tries to wave the camera away from him.

In a follow-up video, Caitlin explains that her dad is not retiring from the medical profession entirely. Rather, he has accepted a new job as the Vice President of Medical Affairs. “That’s kind of why it makes our family and him so emotional, because he will no longer have his own specific patients,” Caitlin explains. “He just loved his patients and he loved building those relationships with them.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Caitlin and her sisters’ sweet video. 

“I absolutely loved that you did this. This was absolutely beautiful,” one TikToker wrote.

“He seems like the kind of doctor who makes you feel comfortable the second he walks into the room,” another commenter pointed out. 

“He may not be practicing, but he will always be a doctor! It’s an accomplishment he will never lose. Congrats to your dad!” wrote another viewer. 

Caitlin’s dad may be done practicing medicine, but he’ll still be making a difference!

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