Man’s clever Dave & Buster’s proposal leaves girlfriend in tears: ‘I’m so happy’

A man’s one-of-a-kind Dave & Buster’s proposal is going viral on TikTok

Ryan Satin made sure that when he asked his girlfriend Erica to marry him, it would be special. The couple had been regularly going to Dave & Buster’s for years, so it was the perfect place because of its sentimental value. But Satin still made sure to kick things up a notch. He shared the touching proposal on TikTok.


IM SO HAPPY 🥲 #fyp @badasscaregiver

♬ I Got You Babe – Sonny & Cher

“We’ve been collecting tickets at Dave & Buster’s since we started dating. So to propose tonight, I cashed them all in for a wedding ring,” Satin explained

Satin set up the proposal with Dave & Buster’s, so the store had a display with the “prize” engagement ring. As soon as Erica saw it in the case, she started to lose it. Satin got down on one knee, and Erica was in tears. Of course, she said yes. Then she threw herself right into his arms while he was still on the ground. 

“I’m so happy,” Satin wrote in the caption. 

The video received over 5.5 million views. One thing you can’t see in Satin’s video is the other reason why Erica was crying. In another video, Erica explained that Satin made sure her mother Robin, who has dementia, was there. 

“I can’t get over how my fiance made sure my mom was there to watch him propose to me. Getting someone with dementia somewhere is never easy, especially to a loud arcade after her bedtime,” Erica said

“But with help from my fiance’s mom and our friends, they got my mom dressed up and at Dave & Buster’s in time to see her daughter’s proposal,” she said

During the proposal, while Satin was on one knee, Robin called out to Erica, and the bride-to-be realized her mother was present before bursting into tears. Erica called it the “best two surprises of my life.” 

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