David Dobrik had a surprisingly chill reaction to a backyard intruder

David Dobrik shared video of a bizarre encounter he had with an intruder in his backyard — and people were shocked that he handled the situation in such a chill way.

In the footage, which he uploaded to TikTok, the social media star had a very calm conversation with a stranger about the fact that he was trespassing.


Okay i think its time to move

♬ original sound – daviddobrik

Though the post is captioned “Okay I think it’s time to move,” Dobrik’s tone is very casual as he greets the intruder with a calm “hello.”

“Hi, hello,” the stranger, who appeared to possibly be intoxicated, responded. “Just checking your area out. You got some good fresh air, a good yard … Do you guys have anything to drink, by any chance?”

“Yeah, but you’re in our backyard,” Dobrik said.

The man apologized and said he left his shirt on the other side of the garden, to which Dobrik responded, “Oh yeah, go grab it.”

He then returned to his house where his assistant Natalie Mariduena looked at him incredulously and mouthed, “What the f***?”

Commenters were seriously concerned about the intruder.

“That’s not cool,” one said.

“David you need security,” another wrote.

Later, Mariduena and Dobrik’s friend Ilya Fedorovich mocked the YouTuber’s calm demeanor.

“This is how David handles break-ins,” Mariduena said, playing the part of Dobrik.

“Hey, I was in the area, can I rob you?” Fedorovich said, approaching the home.

“Yeah, sure, come on in,” Mariduena said.

There’s something to be said about staying calm in stressful situations, but maybe Dobrik’s fans have a point — it’s possible to be too calm.

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