David Dobrik lets Eli Manning pour 100 gallons of hot sauce on him for charity

So maybe you like hot sauce. How would you like 100 gallons of it poured all over you?

YouTuber David Dobrik was faced with that question recently, and naturally, he was up for the challenge.

It all started with a tweet from former New York Giants quarterback and two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning.

“How would you feel about letting me pour a ridiculously big bottle of @FranksRedHot on you for charity?” the football player wrote, as one does.

Dobrik responded that he was “down,” so long as they donated $100,000 to charity if 100,000 people tweeted using the hashtag #FranksBigPour.

Ultimately, they crushed that tweet goal, and the gang went through with The Big Pour — plus donated $100,000 to Tackle Kids Cancer.

From a safe distance, Manning coated Dobrik in hot sauce. It is just as satisfying to watch as you would hope it would be.

Dobrik spoke to In The Know about the, well, spicy opportunity after it all went down.

“I feel like I accomplished something even though … there was a lot of hot sauce that went into places where hot sauce shouldn’t be,” he said. “But it was for charity and when I think about that I’m extremely happy that I did it.”

He said the hot sauce was “really warm and a little refreshing,” so not all bad, but there was a “pretty long shower afterwards” and some still “behind [his] ears” nearly 24 hours later. Sometimes sacrifices must be made.

He also noted that he felt like he was “peeling like a snake,” but blamed that on his new shampoo, and said the hot sauce “made his hair grow back tenfold.”

After all that, though, Dobrik said he’d do it all again in a heartbeat — though it would be Manning’s turn for The Big Pour.

“I LOVE Frank’s RedHot, I have as long as I can remember, and I literally put that s*** on everything,” he told In The Know. “Charity, as great as it is, can be boring. It’s nice to add a little spice to giving back.”

In this case, that spice was literal.

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