Completing David Dobrik’s puzzle could earn you $100,000

David Dobrik has been busy. He recently released a perfume and a disposable camera app, not to mention his collaboration with Chipotle and all that work he did getting young people to register to vote.

The YouTuber, best known for his pranks and elaborate Tesla giveaways, is combining mischief and free money once again with the Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle.

It works just like any other puzzle — only it’s quite difficult, because it looks like a QR code and not some sort of gorgeous landscape. If/when you complete it, you simply scan the code with your phone and follow that link to a website where you’ll plug in a unique verification code that came with the box.

Then, you’ll find out how much money you won for completing it. Everyone’s a winner when it comes to this $30 puzzle. You could earn as much as $100,000 or as little as 25 cents. What a gamble!

Credit: David Dobrik/The Thousand Dollar Puzzle

According to the website, the puzzle will begin shipping the week of Dec. 21, just in time to make you nervous to see if it will arrive in time for Christmas or not.

Regardless, the game doesn’t end until March 31 — or whenever they sell out. You’ll have some time to work on the elite puzzle, but don’t let it go to waste.

“I’ve always found that giving money is the perfect gift, it’s simple and everyone loves to get it,” Dobrik said, according to Mashable. “Super excited for this to come out in time for the holidays and for everyone to be a winner!”

It’s going to be a long winter — what better time to pick up a puzzle hobby?

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