Mom captures a day in the life of her son with Type 1 diabetes: ‘This hurts my heart’

One mom is showing how her son’s diabetes makes his daily life different than most other kids’.

Kristin Arteaga is the 25-year-old mother of three kids. Her son Chase has Type 1 diabetes. While people living with diabetes can have happy, full lives, their day-to-day is a bit different than those without the condition.

To answer some of her 3.6 million followers’ questions about Chase, she made a video showing a day in his life


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The mom highlighted a few of the challenges her son has on a daily basis. Before Chase has a snack, Arteaga must check his blood sugar

“If blood sugar is too high, you cannot eat a full snack,” Arteaga explained, allowing him to eat half. 

If Chase wants to go outside, Arteaga must check his “pump, blood sugar and temp before going out every time.” If the weather is too hot, he has to stay inside because the heat may “spoil” his insulin levels. 

Diabetes even affects Chase’s ability to get a good night’s sleep, as the mom must wake him at midnight and 2 a.m. to check his blood sugar. 

While other kids can enjoy sugary sodas, Chase has to opt for water instead. Arteaga said, “soda causes rapid spikes then rapid drops” in sugar levels. 

Arteaga’s video received 3 million likes on TikTok. Most people just expressed their sympathy for the kid. 

“This hurts my heart. You’re a strong mama,” one person commented

“This made me cry. It must be very hard for both of y’all,” another wrote

“I’m sorry your boy had to go through this,” a user said

But thanks to this mom’s openness and honesty about life with Type 1 diabetes, she’s helping to spread awareness about the condition and the challenges facing people like her son.

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