What is the ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ TikTok challenge?

The pop punk revival is happening, and it’s all going down on TikTok

The “Dear Maria, Count Me Inchallenge samples lyrics from the 2007 All Time Low song of the same name. The track was popular during the emo era, when we all had side bangs, black eyeliner and more feelings than we could control. Now Gen Z has embraced the chaos of beautifully corny rebellion with this latest TikTok trend.

What is the “Dear Maria, Count Me In” challenge?

It all started in December 2020 when user @yungricepatty posted a video of himself repeating the lyrics from All Time Low’s song “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” 

Mom, it was never a phase. It’s a lifestyle,” @yungricepatty said before he started belting the lyrics. 

When All Time Low posted it on Twitter, it went viral and the challenge was born. 

The band’s lead singer Alex Gaskarth dished to NME in April 2020 about filming the song’s music video.

“That video was an interesting shoot because we only wanted to hang out with the chimp,” he revealed. “He was great the whole shoot, but there was one point where he got over what he was doing and threw a chimpanzee temper tantrum and went tearing off around the club where we were filming.”

The original “Dear Maria” music video actress Gilli Messer even joined the fun.

“In 2008, I played Maria in All Time Low’s ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ video,” she wrote. 

In the video, she showed old photos of herself (with the chimp) and revealed that she still had the white bralette with polka dots she wore in the video. 

Users all over TikTok are taking part in the “Dear Maria, Count Me In” challenge.


pls don’t judge i’m just having fun reliving my emo days 😂👍🏻 #alltimelow #dearmariacountmein

♬ original sound – gracie 🦋✨

User @gracieworld submitted her version, saying, “I haven’t seen any girls do this yet!” before singing along to the song in her car.

“This makes me so happy,” one person commented

“Finally, yes. I literally love singing this song,” another said


My looks say cheerleader…. my music says stay away from this train wreck 😂😂 #emo #dearmaria #dearmariacountmein #itsjustaphase

♬ Dear Maria, Count Me In – All Time Low

“When your looks grew out of your emo phase, but your music taste didn’t,” user @theokayegg wrote in her video before lipsyncing and headbanging to the song.

“My looks say hippie, my music says emo,” someone responded.

“Still emo at heart,” another user wrote. 

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